Sunday, June 1, 2014

Here is America's Next Great Shale Play


Photo credit: Chesapeake Energy 

Chesapeake Energy  (NYSE: CHK  )  recently held its annual investor day. Among the many topics the company discussed was its emerging position in the Powder River Basin in the Rocky Mountains, which it sees becoming a world-class asset. That enthusiasm isn't just being conveyed by Chesapeake Energy. Earlier this year, EOG Resources  (NYSE: EOG  )  announced that it was adding four new Rocky Mountain oil plays to its drilling inventory while Devon Energy  (NYSE: DVN  )  noted that it was drilling high-impact wells in the Powder River Basin.

Needless to say, with some of America's biggest shale drillers all focusing on this new play, investors need to take a closer look at its potential. To help investors gain a better understanding of the play, I've put together the following slideshow. The presentation takes a close look at the emerging position of Chesapeake Energy, EOG Resources, and Devon Energy. 

The $641 billion shale opportunity
New shale plays could fuel years of growth for Chesapeake Energy, EOG Resources, and Devon Energy. However, there's an even bigger opportunity for you to profit from this growth. The combination of a $641 billion shortfall in American energy infrastructure, when combined with a small IRS "loophole" could line your pocked with a lot of cash. You can learn all about this opportunity in our special report "The IRS Is Daring You To Make This Energy Investment." Don't miss out on this timely opportunity; click here to access your report -- it's absolutely free. 

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