Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ferrari lands villain role in 'Iron Man' video

Why is it that movie villains always drive supercars?

Somehow, a Ferrari lends itself to be power hungry, slightly crazed and definitely self centered. (So do Porsches, but their movie roles are usually limited to being the wheels of bad-guy bosses.) Occasionally a good guy drives one -- remember the Magnum P.I. television detective series -- but not often.

The latest shot at infamy for a Ferrari comes in a spinoff of Iron Man movie franchise.

In the just-released video, All Hail the King, Ben Kingsley's character of The Mandarin, the misunderstood baddie in Iron Man 3, gets a chance to tell his full story.

Kingsley plays Trevor Slattery, the failed English actor who plays his greatest part pretending to be the The Mandarin. The video follows his to the 1980s when he tooled around onscreen in a classic red Ferrari.

Director Drew Pearce points out that the propmaster during the three-day shot insisted on getting every detail correct for the Ferrari. Not only was it the right year and color (bright '80s red). But even the license plate even had the proper DMV registration stickers from a number of years.

"You know the tiny corner of stickers for the year of your license plate in America. He had the 1985 one. He also added the three years previous and stuck them all on," says the English Pearce. "It's as if that car had been used in a whole bunch of tv shows leading up to this pilot."

Pearce even dares his geek audience to "zoom in hard" to check it out.

"It's insane level of detail," says Pearce.

The video is part of the Thor: The Dark World DVD release.

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