Thursday, January 23, 2014

Green Automotive's GoinGreen Now Has Something for Everyone (GACR)

So much fuss has been made over its battery-powered bus division (Newport Coachworks) and its EV maintenance and design division (Liberty Electric Cars) that it's been easy - too easy - to overlook a Green Automotive Co. (OTCMKTS:GACR) entity that's just as compelling.... GoinGreen. That may be because the first two units have had much more to tout of late, like the fact that Liberty is involved in the development of a new electric vehicle that's being sanctioned and managed by an EU consortium. Meanwhile, it's only been the past few months that Newport Coachworks completed the assembly of its first 100% electric buses. Or, perhaps GoinGreen hasn't gotten much media attention because it's the most ubiquitous of the three business under the GACR umbrella. Whatever the reason, the situation is being remedied today, on the heels of a major announcement from Green Automotive Company about GoinGreen.

In simplest terms, GoinGreen - a UK-based dealer for a variety of electric vehicles - will now be offering battery-powered motorcycles. The addition of a true street and highway bike pretty much rounds out the product line that Green Automotive Co. offers via its GoinGreen dealerships.

It already offered electric scooters, and the Mia minivan was a fully-functional family-sized car. It also carries the Jolly 2000 electric delivery vehicle, and it's even a reseller of the G-Wiz car... a "get around" car that may have been low on looks but high on functionality (not to mention is the best-selling electric car for the past ten years). But, there was a hole somewhere in the middle of the EV size/functionality spectrum of what you could find in a GoinGreen showroom.... that is, there was a hole. The addition of electric motorcycles, from Brammo, fills in that gap and means GoinGreen now has something that will appeal to anybody looking for a green-friendly mobility solution.

The addition of a performance-bike line to the GoinGreen lineup isn't the only reason a current or prospective GACR investor may want to get excited though. There's a much bigger reason to get excited here. What's compelling about the full lineup on a GoinGreen lot is that this is a glimpse of the future. Electric vehicles may be a niche now, but they'll be common in a few years. In several years, combustion-engine cars will be passe. By being the first to the market as an all-inclusive deals, Green Automotive Co. has all but secured its place as the leader - perhaps even the shaper - of things to come.

The deal with Brammo also underscored another aspect of the dealer model of the future. The days of a car lot only offering one manufacturers' vehicles are numbered. Consumers want choice - especially EV shoppers - and that means carrying a wide variety of electric vehicle manufacturers. Traditional dealers may eventually catch on to the fact that brand names are becoming less important than functionality, but it's pretty clear that electric vehicle dealers  (and GoinGreen in particular) are well ahead of the curve on that movement.

Bottom line? While today's news from GACR is truly an encouraging step for GoinGreen and its shareholders, what today's announcement says about where we are in the EV evolution's timeline - and how Green Automotive Co. fits into that timeline - is the really big deal. The industry is most definitely "here", and Green Automotive is one of the key leaders of the charge.

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