Saturday, June 22, 2013

Microsoft Launches "Partner Directory" to Create App Development Network

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT  ) has launched a new store to help creators build Windows 8 apps to bolster its Windows 8 app offerings.

Named Windows Store Partner Directory, the store lets first- or third-party partners find and hire one another to build better apps. Specifically, Microsoft is working with partners in advertising, analytics, notifications, payments, and more to make sure that the store helps creators create "great app experiences, achieve great economics, and broaden [the app's] reach". When clicking on a partner, people can see their links to their Windows Store app's software starter kit and additional info. Microsoft has also embedded specific deals tailored to each user. 

The launch comes on the heels of last month's Google I/O conference. There, the search giant unveiled a slew of new tools to help developers improve the development, analytics, and reach of Android apps.

By adding new partners and enabling social features, Microsoft looks to build a support network for developers and other third parties.


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