Friday, May 9, 2014

Run! Fiat scares up 'Godzilla' premiere

HOLLYWOOD -- No Fiats were harmed in the making of this picture.

The plucky Italian doesn't make even a cameo appearance in the new movie Godzilla, but the hatchback was one of the most fearsome things last night on the red carpet for the premiere of the horror action epic.

A Fiat dressed up as Godzilla greeted celebrities as they navigated paparazzi and autograph hunters at the Dolby Theater, where the Academy Awards are held every year.

Though it may sound as scary as a flea that roars like a lion, the little 500L was an impressive sight -- a Godzilla-like lizard fin running acoss the roof and a black with red-lettering paint job.

So why would Fiat promote a movie that it's not in?

Fiat is running a 30-second Godzilla-themed TV commercial using the same special-effects firm that shows up in the movie. In the spot, the plus-size lizards chomps through a few Fiats, but chokes on the 500L. Too big.

"We look through a lot of creative ideas," says Casey Hurbis, Fiat North America's ad and communications chief. "It's the idea of a small brand going big."

You can't get much bigger than Godzilla.

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