Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fed Fueled Friday – CASH Proves King as we Make $2,500 in 61 Minutes!

$2,500 in 61 minutes! 

Is that a good hourly wage – I haven't had a real job in years, so I'm a bit out of touch.  That's what we accomplished yesterday in our Member Chat Room as I put out a note at 10:12 to add 50 TZA (and ultra-short ETF on the Russell Index) next weekly (Oct 4th) calls at $1, saying:

Those TZA Next WEEK $21.50s are down to $1 with TZA at $22.25 and that's too good to pass up – 50 in the STP with a stop at .75.  

Then, just 61 minutes later, at 11:13, we took the money and ran as I said to our Members:

Wheeee on the Russell – TZA $21.50s are already $1.50 and THAT is the way you make a very quick $2,500 and we're done in the STP as we're back at the 1,070 line that's been holding in the Futures (/TF) and we have plenty of other long-term short plays if we keep going down. 

This was our 3rd day in a row using TZA to make quick money OFF THE SAME LINE and we exited at about the same spot – it's just that, this being the 3rd time in a row, we were smart enough to place a big bet in our virtual portfolio (the first two times we had just tossed out the trade idea without officially including it).  This is not really that complicated folks – we see a pattern, we wait for it to repeat and we place the most optimal bet we can on it.  

This channel represents moves in the Russell Index between 1,080 (where we look for a short position) and 1,075 - merely a 0.46% wiggle on the Russell but enough to send TZA (a 3x Ultra-ETF) flying higher as we play the change in sentiment as much as we play the slight shift in direction.  These are the quick, simple cash-to-cash trades we're…
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